When: Nov. 10, 2007 (Sat)

8:30-9:00  Breakfast Buffet

               9:00-11:30 Presentations

Where: Holiday Inn (5300 W. Touhy Ave.)

Open free to all interested parties




Obesity and Chronic Conditions of Asian Americans,

Dr. Min-Woong Sohn (Northwestern University)


Dr. Sohn presents his findings from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems (BRFSS) data 2005, compiled by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Sohn found that Asian Americans’ obesity rate is lower than whites, but the chances of major serious illness (diabetics, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure, cardio-vascular illness, stroke, asthma, and arthritis) are significantly higher among over-weighted Asians than their white counterparts.


Korean American Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms and Deviant Behaviors:Individual and Contextual Factors.


Dr. Park presents her findings about the predictability of depressive symptoms and deviantbehaviors of Korean American adolescents in the Chicago area. With multi-level regression analysis of her data collected from 97 KA adolescent, she examines the effects of cultural factors, family factors, and modes of anger management on predicting depressive symptoms and deviant behaviors...


Social Influences on Willingness to See a Professional Counselor among Asian American Students

Paul Yungbin Kim Univ. of (Notre Dame, Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology)


Mr. Kim presents his M.S. thesis based on his survey of 110 undergraduate Asian American students. His study confirms the previous findings that there is a link between Asian cultural values and willingness to see a counselor. The findings highlight the importance of social influences on help-seeking attitudes among Asian American students when the need arises.


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